David Marcos

Composer, singer, saxophone and bass clarinet expert, David Marcos’ career reflects his sensibility and his personal universe but also allows him to join renowned names in music ( Tom Jones, Rita Mitsuko, Sacha Distel etc…).
He is one of the leading names of Tango in France, working notably with Juan Carlos Caceres ( « Jazz sous les pommiers » , « Festival de Biarritz », « Festival de Tarbes », etc…).

He is also kown in the underground scene of electronic flamenco playing with the cult band «  El Ultimo Grito ».

His personal path brings him from France to further destinations like the jazz festival « In Situ » in Quito (Ecuador), where he was invited to perform twice, or the prestigious « Notorious » club in in Buenos Aires (Argentina) where he was honoured with a series of concerts, or the « Milonga del Hilton » in Istanbul (Turkey).
Today he offers a repertoire mostly of his own creation but he also plays tango and jazz standards. His electric and blazing style, his liking for risky improv’ and the freedom of jazz, the warmth and melodic fullness of tango, and the most latin sound possible, these are the ingredients of what lies ahead.

His audience is of all ages, who feels music as a pleasure more than a « consumer good », and who enjoys being transported to festive atmospheres ( « Batucada Porteña »,  « El Flete », « Reviviré » ) and back to cosy moods (« Poesía »,  « Cromático »).

David Marcos
Each of David Marcos’ shows is a journey to the heart of the party, emotions and elegance.